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Video Page


Welcome to Melanie's video page. Below you will find various clips of Melanie's videos, talk show interviews, and more. All videos are in MPEG format. Please make sure you have Windows Media Player or some other MPEG player installed. Click the clip image to download. Enjoy..


"Say You'll Be There"

In this clip Melanie portrays her SYBT video character, Katrina Highkick. Melanie and her bandmates won the best video award in the 1997 Brit Awards for this.



Kicking & jumping (387 KB)


Waving a metal thing (293 KB)


This video almost single-handidly triggered the world's love affair with the Spice Girls. And it also was the first time I began to take notice of Melanie. The girls' took home the 1997 MTV Video Music Award for best dance video.


Melanie doing one of her patened backflips (211 KB)

"Too Much"

My absolute favorite Spice Girls song, Too Much. Melanie looks absolutely stunning.


The sweet Melanie (951 KB)


Melanie beating up all the guys (607 KB)

"Who Do You Think You Are"

Melanie sports that beautiful blue dress


Mostly smiles (401 KB)


Kind of similar, but different (690 KB)

"Spice Girls In America: A Documentary"

I strongly recommend you buying this video when it is available in your area. It shows footage of the girls during their U.S tour. All in all it is very well done.


Emma consoles Melanie just before going on stage (1.57 MB, with sound)


Melanie returns the favor to Emma (2.25 MB, with sound)

Playing with the hair...

Not much to say except... damn, I love her hair (343 KB)

Playing bartender...

Melanie pouring herself a cold one (204 KB)

Sexy spice...

Short shot of Melanie acting sexy (57 KB)

The Audition

Melanie's audition for the Spice Girls (972 KB)

Rare, young clip of Melanie in dance class

The young Melanie in dance class (1.54 MB)

"The Frank Skinner Christmas Show"

Melanie explains that her name is Melanie... not Mel, not Sporty (840 KB, with sound)


Melanie elaborating on her "Holland" nickname (577 KB, with sound)

"Never Mind the Buzzcocks"

Melanie letting everyone know she can sing (869 KB, with sound)

"When You're Gone" -- Live, Royal Variety Performance 1998

Melanie doing what she does best (4.1 MB, with sound)

Melanie's thoughts on "My Strongest Suit"

Melanie alone (637 KB, with sound)


With a little help from Victoria (1.02 MB, with sound)