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AOLiveMC3: Welcome Melanie Jayne Chisholm. We are delighted to have you with us, "Sporty"! Anything you want to tell your fans before we begin, Mel C ?



SGMelC: I'd like to say a great big thank you for all the support you've given us.



AOLiveMC3: Spunky54 wants to know:



Question: What is your favorite song?



SGMelC: My favorite Spice Girls song?



AOLiveMC3: Spicy KK asks:



Question: I'm a big fan. Do you like to watch movies? If so, What is your favorite movie?



SGMelC: My favorite song is "Song 2" by Blur and my favorite Spice Girls song is "Who do you think you are." I love movies too. My favorite at the moment is "Toy Story."



AOLiveMC3: Gwen wants to know:



Question: How do you feel being the coolest Spice Girl? This is mine (GwenLuvsMe) opinion and a lot of other people!



SGMelC: Thank you very much! It's a honor. But I'm sure the others would disagree with you!



AOLiveMC3: ArtAtak 13 has a good question:



Question: How long have you been tumbling?



SGMelC: I used to do gymnastics at school from about the age of 8.



AOLiveMC3: Meggie1 asks:



Question: Who coined the phrase"Girl Power"?



SGMelC: It's just the strength that we feel we have. I can't exactly remember who coined the phrase.



AOLiveMC3: JustAGirr asks:



Question: Hi! You're my favorite Spice Girl! Are you planning on making another video in the near future?



SGMelC: There's 3 more videos that haven't yet been shown in America. "2 Become 1" "Mama," and "Who Do You Think You Are?"



AOLiveMC3: UP497 wants to know:



Question: Mel C... How long have the Spice Girls been together?



SGMelC: Four years.



AOLiveMC3: SunEfoot asks:



Question: What made you want to be in a band?



SGMelC: I always wanted to be a pop star, and my mum's a singer too.



AOLiveMC3: ADawg2luv inquires:



Question: do you feel about being so famous in the US and all over the world?



SGMelC: It feels fantastic!



AOLiveMC3: A good question for "Sporty" Jenni asks



Question: MelanieC what is your favorite sport?



SGMelC: Soccer is my favorite sport. And I support the Liverpool football club.



AOLiveMC3: Torising want to know:



Question: Mel, this is Tori, do you remember me? What is the most important thing you have learned out of life?



SGMelC: To believe in yourself and follow your dreams.



AOLiveMC3: Kelbel asks:



Question: Do you have your nose pierced in both nostrils?



SGMelC: No I don't, but I was considering it. Like Lenny Kravitz.



AOLiveMC3: SemBonesx also has a soccer question



Question: Who's your favorite soccer player?



SGMelC: Steve McManaman, from Liverpool.



AOLiveMC3: As does MoralSin3 :



Question: Melanie...will you join a women's football team after the Spice Girls?



SGMelC: I used to be in a girl's team, but at the moment I'm too busy. I really miss football and would like to take it up again.



AOLiveMC3: Here is a good one from Traci698 :



Question: Melanie C. I was watching your Saturday Night Live performance and I noticed your dancing style. I love to dance and picked up a few good moves from you! Have you always known how to dance? Who gave you guys those dance moves? Thank you!



SGMelC: We always do our own dance steps. I think you should interpret the music personally.



AOLiveMC3: CNKAT8885 asks :



Question: Hi Mel Do have a Fan club? What is the address to you fan club? Lot of love, Nikki



SGMelC: The address is on the CD. I'm sorry I don't know it offhand.



AOLiveMC3: Gremster2 has a great question:



Question: What is your movie going to be about that the Spice Girls are going to make?



SGMelC: It's going to be a comedy/adventure about us 5.



AOLiveMC3: LadyDamian wants to know :



Question: Is that a real tattoo on your arm:::smiles::::



SGMelC: Yes, they're both real. One's a Celtic band and the other one says Woman and Strength in Japanese.- Girl Power!



AOLiveMC3: CECNYC asks:



Question: Mel C, what's the craziest encounter you've had with a fan? How far do people go to meet you?



SGMelC: You get fans renting rooms in hotels next to you and ringing you at about 3:00 in the morning. People running alongside the van at top speeds is pretty mad!



AOLiveMC3: CCRunning would like to know:



Question: How did you guys get together?



SGMelC: We all knew each other from auditioning. Four of us met at an audition for the band. And then we went on to create Spice Girls when we met Emma.



AOLiveMC3: Caerbanog asks :



Question: Now you've conquered America, which continent is next on your list for Spice domination?



SGMelC: Mars or Venus. (only kidding)



AOLiveMC3: Travis404 has a good question :



Question: How did the Spice Girls come up with that name?



SGMelC: We wrote a song called "Sugar and Spice" and because we're all so different, and a bit spicy, we thought it was very fitting.



AOLiveMC3: SportyKel asks:



Question: When did you decide to become a performer?



SGMelC: Ever since I can remember I've wanted to perform.



AOLiveMC3: Gremster would like to know:



Question: Where do you get all your sporty clothes?



SGMelC: There's a great sport shop in London called J.D. Sports. You can get anything there. Also we have Footlocker in England, which is pretty cool too. But I love Niketown!



AOLiveMC3: PlatyPunk asks:



Question: Do any of the Spice Girls play an instrument?



SGMelC: Yes. Mel B plays drums, Victoria plays keyboards and Geri plays guitar. Me and Emma play the triangle and maracas!



AOLiveMC3: JCrew1382 asks :



Question: Do you pick out your own clothes, and what do you think about all your sudden fame? Monique #1 Fan



SGMelC: Yes, can't you tell? It's astounding. It doesn't sink in.



AOLiveMC3: IJUSTAGIR would like to ask :



Question: Hi Mel, I love the CD "Spice". How come you guys didn't put "Bumper to Bumper" on "Spice", but you put it on the single for "Wannabe"? the SG's



SGMelC: "Bumper to Bumper" didn't make the album. It was just a B-side. Good though, isn't it? We co-wrote it with Cathy Dennis. Remember she had a hit with "Touch Me" in 1991?



AOLiveMC3: Balfrax asks:



Question: Have you taken any martial arts classes with all of the kicking and punching you do?



SGMelC: For the shoot of "Say You'll Be There" we all had kickboxing training. It was really good fun!



AOLiveMC3: BabyHippy asks:



Question: Is that really your tumbling on 'SAY YOU'LL BE THERE'?



SGMelC: Yes it is! I used to be better but I've lost me bottle! (chickened out)



AOLiveMC3: a great question from BEP11284:



Question: Who was your favorite singer when you were growing up?



SGMelC: Madonna and Tina Turner.



AOLiveMC3: Tadpol76 asks:



Question: I must say that you have all made a very big splash in the U.S.... Congratulations, have you found it difficult to deal with the overnight success?



SGMelC: Thank you very much! Because there's five of us, it's easy to deal with because we're all there for each other.



AOLiveMC3: NikyMarc asks:



Question: When is your clothesline going to be available in the States?



SGMelC: I don't know anything about a clothes line. But merchandise is available from England.



AOLiveMC3: EllieLo would like to know :



Question: What is your advice to a girl who wants to be a singer?



SGMelC: Stick at it. If you want it bad enough you will get it. And don't let people put you down. Go Girl



AOLiveMC3: Spider asks :



Question: Mel is it true that they're making Spice Girls action figures?



SGMelC: Not at the moment. Maybe in the future.



AOLiveMC3: Spicy KK asks:



Question: Which is your favorite Spice Girls video that you have done?



SGMelC: My favorite video, as with all the girls, is "Say You'll Be There."



AOLiveMC3: Undertakr asks:



Question: What would you do if you broke up with the others?



SGMelC: Be very sad.



AOLiveMC3: SpiceG131 wants to know:



Question: How can my friends and I get a manager?



SGMelC: Try and make contacts in the business. It's best to be recommended. There's a lot of sharks out there. Beware!



AOLiveMC3: TREMSAHAW has a good question MelC :



Question: What does Girl Power mean?



SGMelC: It means a lot of things. To me, it means accepting yourself, learning to love yourself and being a strong female. And not taking any rubbish from men!



AOLiveMC3: CECNYC inquires:



Question: Mel C, since you've become famous have you gotten a chance to meet celebrities you admire?



SGMelC: Yes! The best celebrity I've met was probably The Artist. But we've met loads. Too many to mention. But I really want to meet Madonna the most.



AOLiveMC3: Sarahxf asks:



Question: What is the best thing about being famous?



SGMelC: Being able to do things like this, meeting fans and being able to have your music released.



AOLiveMC3: Nomadmps wants to know :



Question: Do you have a website?



SGMelC: Yes. Just go to Keyword Spice Girls and it'll take you there. That's the official one.



AOLiveMC3: Sunburst2 asks:



Question: What was your first thought when you found out you had been chosen to be a "Spice Girl"?



SGMelC: I wasn't chosen to be a Spice Girl. We created Spice Girls.



AOLiveMC3: Pof B Gon wants some advice:



Question: I am into gymnastics also. You rule at back flips! I wish I could do them just like you. Got any tips?



SGMelC: Do lots of back muscle exercises. Make sure your arms are strong and don't be afraid!



AOLiveMC3: Cool Jenn asks :



Question: What other music artists do you enjoy listening to?



SGMelC: I love No Doubt, Blur, Oasis, Madonna and Stevie Wonder is my favorite artist of all time.



AOLiveMC3: LBR13 asks :



Question: Who is singing the Spanish rap in ''If U Can't Dance"?



SGMelC: Geri. She is half Spanish!



AOLiveMC3: Daisy wants to know:



Question: What's your favorite verse from any of your songs



SGMelC: I love the lyrics to "If You Can't Dance." Have you checked out the bit about Keanu Reeves?



AOLiveMC3: BBABY1984 inquires:



Question: Fave song on your album?



SGMelC: "Who Do You Think You Are." But I love them all. I'm biased because we wrote it.



AOLiveMC3: BigD69e asks:



Question: How long did it take you to realize you had a good voice and were able to sing in public with confidence?



SGMelC: I don't think I've got a particularly good voice. I just love to sing, so that gives me confidence.



AOLiveMC3: Pof B Gon also asks:



Question: Mel, what is your feeling about being the coolest female pop artists? Does this surprise you?



SGMelC: Well thank you very much. Different people have different opinions, but we are all really proud of our success, especially in the U.S.!



AOLiveMC3: Llez asks:



Question: Are you involved in any female rights groups?



SGMelC: Not at the moment. I'm glad to see women in sport, especially traditionally male sports, and America is especially good at promoting that.



AOLiveMC3: Lenny Law asks a sports question:



Question: Your thoughts on Liverpool not making it into the European Champions Cup next season.



SGMelC: I was very disappointed. In fact, I cried. But there's always next season and our new young players are very exciting.



AOLiveMC3: We have time for one more question. This event flew by!



Question: Do you think your a good role model for kids and teenagers?



AOLiveMC3: that was from sptyrosie :)



SGMelC: We realize that we have a responsibility. All our messages are positive, so I hope that we are good role models.



AOLiveMC3: Thank you Melanie Jayne Chisolm, our "Sporty Spice", for joining us tonight. Any final comments?



SGMelC: Thank you to everybody, for all your questions. It was nice talking to you. Hope to see you around. Keep up the Girl Power vibe! Lots of love, Sporty Spice. See ya!



AOLiveMC3: Bye MelC :)



AOLiveMC3: Audience, your questions were great. Have a good evening :)



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