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Q: I have heard that you have recorded a duet together and it will be on your next album. Is this true?

A: Somebody must be psychic because we plan to but we haven't done it yet


Q: Are either of you feeling broody now that Mel B and Victoria are expecting?

A: I'm not feeling broody at all - I won't mind looking after them, but I won't mind giving them back.


Q: Melanie: How's your new house going?

A: What house? I am trying to get a new flat.


Q: How do you guys handle the media when they get all mean and yuckie?

A: We just laugh at them.


Q: Do you have any ambitions left to fullfill? havent you dont it all already?

A: We've always said once you achieve one ambition you should go onto the next and always strive for something more.


Q: I heard you tell Chris Moyles you had 6 tattoos but I can only account for 5 (the Women & Strength characters, the arm band, Angels, the Cross, and the Lotus Flower) What's the 6th??!

A: I count the characters as two.


Q: Don't you ever feel like screaming, like making more angry music?

A: Yes - I intend to.


Q: I read that Madonna took you out to dinner. What are the chances of you two working together?

A: It's something that I'd love to do.


Q: Where is Victoria and Mel B?

A: Busy being pregnant.


Q: Are you still the same girls as 3 years ago or has the success changed you?

A: I feel the same except about a hundred years older.


Q: What is currently in your pocket?

A: My shopping list - I've just been to Planet Organic, and I've just bought some ginger!


Q: What's your greatest athletic accomplishment?

A: I broke the school record for high jump when I was 15. I even beat the boys!


Q: How do you relax when you have time to yourselves?

A: I get massages, go to the movies and cook.


Q: When you're being naughty, what's your favorite junk food?

A: I like chinese and pizza.


Q: What do you want for Christmas this year?

A: I want my two front teeth.


Q: Have you ever been in a musical and would you like to be?

A: Yeah, I'd like to be in Cats.


Q: What is your favourite song other than you own songs?

A: Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles.


Q: How do you keep yourself from getting too much stress?

A: Gym.


Q: Which is the most exciting moment you have had in the last months with the Spice Girls?

A: Wembley Stadium.


Q: During the Song "Naked" you were really almost naked on stage. Wasn't it embarrassing?

A: Never even thought about it.


Q: If you could change 1 thing about yourself what would it be?

A: To be less of a stress head.


Q: Are you releasing a single for christmas??

A: Yes - of course we are.


Q: You always send out great messages, and I was wondering if you had a special "rule to live by"?

A: Be yourself and have fun.


Q: What was your most beautiful present of a fan?

A: Your continuing support is the best present.


Q: Do you ever think what the real meaning to life is, above money, fame or family?

A: Yes, it is happiness.


Q: What is your favourite perfume?

A: Angel.


Q: What cartoon charactor do you think you are most like and who is your favourite?

A: I want to be Spiderman.


Q: Did you enjoy the marriage of Mel B and Jimmy?

A: Yes and I had far too many lemonades.


Q: Which shoes/boots are tickling your shoe-frenzy fancy right now? Trainers vs stilettos - any contest?

A: No contest - Nike rule!


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