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Magazine Article

Source: Top of the Pops

Date: May 1999


We named her Sporty and it stuck - now we're proud to announce Mel C's topped our Top Girl in Pop poll! So why's Mel Top of our Pops?

She's one fifth of the most successful girl band ever; her Air Max habit could keep JD Sports in profit until well into the next millenium; there's the rumoured pop, footie and soap bloke snogs; she's debunked the theory that only hard men of rock get tattoos and gold dental work; her diary's chock-full of celebrity phone numbers (boogying with Bruce Willis, chatting with Madonna and hanging with Nic and Nat 'Saint are all in a day's work for Mel) and now she's busy carving out a mega-successful solo career for herself too! Time we had a natter!

You've had a mad couple of years - what have been the absolute highlights for you, both personally and professionally?

My absolute highlight was performing at Wembley Stadium! It was the final concert of the last tour and I still can't believe I've played somewhere stars like Madonna and Michael Jackson have played! Also the first year we performed at the Brits, when we opened the show with Who Do You Think You Are, was amazing! It was a really big thing for us because the year before we were there as an unreleased band and only a year later we were up there performing and receiving awards! The whole American part of the tour was great as well, we saw practically every state and played fantastic ampitheatres and amazing indoor and outdoor arenas. Oh, and the MTV awards in America a couple of years ago when we won an award for best dance video for Wannabe; that was the first time I met Madonna so that was a really big highlight. Personally, passing my driving test first time was brilliant and being able to buy my mum a big house because she's always lived in an ickle one!

What about stuff you've done with Top Of The Pops magazine? We were the ones to give you your Spice nicknames...

Yeah, and I hate you for that! No, not really, I'm only joking! When we first toured America they only knew us by our nicknames! They know our real names now, but it's mad how influential you've been.

How are you feeling about the way everything's going for you at the moment?

I'm really excited, everything's going really well. I've been in LA working on some new tracks with a new collaborator so that's all very exciting!

What can we expect from your first solo album then?

I think it's probably going to go a bit more down the rock avenue, but only rock-influenced. It'll be more of the same really, a bit more rock then pop with a little bit of dance thrown in. I do like screaming, as everyone knows, so there'll be plenty of yelling on there!

You're the most single Spice at the moment. Are you enjoying it or would you secretly like to settle down?

I'm having a blimmin' great time being single! I mean I'd love to meet The One and do all that couply stuff like spending evenings in watching videos but it's not happened yet so I'm testing the water at the moment!

What else have you been up to recently?

I got a Furby for Christmas and I love him. He died though! It was at my birthday party and my mate was a bit drunk and she came in with it and said, "Mel, I think I killed him!" I don't know what she did and I haven't a clue how you revive them. Oh and of course I've been watching my beloved Liverpool Football Club get better and better!

OK, time to look forward to when TOTP Magazine is 100. Make a few predictions for us, Mel! How many Spice babies do you reckon there'll be by then?

I reckon Victoria will have lots more babies, I can imagine her with about five! Actually I can imagine Mel and Victoria getting all clucky and having loads!

Have seeing Phoenix Chi and Brooklyn Joseph made you all broody?

Well, in my schedule kids will be happening... no, I'm joking! I know I'm not ready for children right now but hopefully I'll have kids at some point in the next ten years.

How many houses would you like to own?

At the moment I've got my flat in Liverpool which I love and I can't bear to be dragged away from, It's almost finished now, I've just got a few silly little things to do. I've got my flat in London and next I want to get an apartment in New York. I'm going to have to make some more money though. All those stories you read in the newspapers aren't true, you know. I haven't got enough money to buy one yet!

Do you think you'll still be making records as the Spice Girls?

Yeah, there'll definitely still be tons of Spice and solo activities happening, lots of tours, records and videos! D'you know what I want to do though? I'd like to be an action hero, like Bruce Willis when he saves the world! Maybe I could be Bruce's sidekick! Or else I'd like to be in a British independent movie like "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" or "Nil by Mouth". I don't see myself as a good actress, I just enjoy it; same as with singing and dancing. I don't think I'm that good, I just enjoy them!

Phew, you're not going to be slowing down any, are you?! What would you like to see invented to make your life easier?

OK, instead of an alarm clock, about 15 minutes before you need to get up in the morning this thing goes over your face and puts on really nice, natural make-up so when you wake up you look wicked! It'd be great, wouldn't it? Waking up and looking as good as you do after you've been sat in make-up for an hour?!

Are you planning on having any more tattoos done?

I might have one done next time I'm in LA! It's a secret though because if anyone finds out they won't let me go! A tattoo artist on Sunset Boulevard did most of my tattoos but I've just found a great place which was recommended to meby my friend, Anthony from Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Is there a limit to how many you'll have or will you just keep going until you're completely covered?

I'm not going to keep going but it's funny because you get one and then you want another one because part of your body starts going "I'm lonely! I'm bare! I'm a canvas - paint me!"

What tabloid story would you like to read about yourself?

(Ponders for a while) Spice Girls Do It Again! For breaking The Beatles' record and getting four Christmas No 1s in a row!

You've already broken a fair few records and won a stack of awards - any you're still after?

There is one and it's my dream to get this: a lifetime achievement award. I'd like to have been in the industry long enough to win something like that!