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Newspaper Article

Source: Sunday Times

Date: June 21, 1998


This summit-conference arrangement allows me to study them at close quarters - allowed to very few. Mel C, on my left, is generally thought the least pretty one of the group, but actually is delicately beautiful, especially when she wears her hair down and leaves off her trademark 'Sporty' tracksuit.

"At first after Geri went, it felt like a bit wierd, it was like 'Whoops, something's missing'", Mel C says in her honey-soaked scouse accent. "But now we're really comfortable doin' it as a foursome."

"After you come off stage, you've got that incredible high. It's such a buzz, there's nowhere to go after it. And the next morning you wake up and think, 'What am I goin' to do with meself today?'"

"The stage is our playground. It's our job. It's what we're here for."