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Newspaper Article

Source: The Sun

Date: April 8, 1998


TFI Friday star John Revell has discovered he used to babysit for Spice Girl Mel C. Chris Evans's telly and radio sidekick did not realise the eight year old girl he looked after had grown up to be Sporty Spice. Now, 16 years later, the pair are to be reunited when the Fab Five appear on TFI this week.

Mel's dad Al and John, known to millions of TFI viewers and Virgin Radio listeners as Johnny Boy, used to work together for a holiday company in the South of France. Sporty, then plain Melanie Chisholm, often went to stay with the Revells during her school holidays and John would help look after her.

John says: "I first realised that I used to babysit Mel when I read in the papers that she had bought her dad a house. I saw his surname was Chisholm and it all clicked. When Chris met the girls about coming on the show the first thing Mel asked him was 'Do you know John Revell?' She was into singing and dancing at the age of eight and was very good even then. She was always a lovely child. Mel was never any trouble at all and was a joy to look after."

John says he is looking forward to seeing Mel, now 24, on the show this Friday. She has promised to take along some embarrassing pictures of the two of them together. John adds: "I haven't spoken to her for years. I would imagine she has changed a bit since I last saw her."