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Newspaper Article

Source: The Sun

Date: December 17, 1997


Mel C used the premiere of the Spice Girls film to unveil the final stage of her gradual transformation from tracksuit-wearing tomboy to gorgeous glamourpuss. There were gasps of admiration and disbelief from crowds at her sexsational new look at the screening in London's West End.

The Fab Five all wore low-cut, figure-hugging black pin-stripe suits - but it was Mel C who stole the spotlight. OUT went the plain brown hair, nose ring, sports gead and scrubbed face. IN came pop star make-up, plucked eyebrows and eye-catching cleavage to go with the recent changes to her image - red hair extensions and gold tooth.

Sporty has taken a leaf out of Posh Spice's book and stopped pumping iron long enough to visit a beautician. The 23-year old has also booted out her England soccer tops in favour of figgure-hugging outfits and stopped talking non-stop about football.

Since the girls landed their first hit 18 months ago, Baby, Scary, Ginger and Posh have kicked up a storm in sexy outfits. But not Sporty. She did not even wear a dress in public until the Brit Awards in February, when she turned up in a stunning shiny gold number.

In August [97] she paid £500 on a cosmetic gold tooth and had a new tattoo on her arm. And after filming Spiceworld - The Movie, she started experimenting with make-up. Now she uses American MAC eyeliner, eyeshadow and bright lipstick.

A spokeswoman told me: "Mel wanted to change. She has grown up with the band and wanted to look more stylish. She can't act the tomboy forever."

A hint of the dramatic change comes in the Spice movie, when Mel asks the other girls: "Why do I always have to be on a bike and wearing a tracksuit?"