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Magazine Article

Source: Now

Date: June 23, 1999


If you still haven't seen it, check out Melanie's new look by clicking here.


A new look for Sporty

It was only a matter of time before the track pants lost their appeal. Still, who'd have thought Mel C's sexy new look would be so radical?


The Face

Then: Nature gave Mel a good foundation upon which to work, but in the early days the nearest she got to make-up was a dot of concealer and a lot of gloss.

Now: Mel still looks natural but more polished. Her new slimline brows open up her face. Her skin, which looks radiant, owes its sheen to sheer foundation and a dusting of loose powder. Her eyes - a shimmery blend of beige shadow on the lids, smudgy black kohl and lashings of mascara - positively sparkle. As for her lips, Mel's used the oldest trick in the book to make them look full and sexy: nude lipliner followed by a lick of clear gloss.


The Hair

Then: Mel's long, dark hair was one of her most striking features, but she would insist on scraping it back off her face. Functional, yes. Flattering, hardly!

Now: "My hair's getting blonder with all the sunshine", gushes Mel. We can't help thinking her buttery-coloured hair owes more to the power of peroxide than the sun. Her subtle blonde highlights convey glamour but, thanks to the brunette base peeking through, they look softer and more natural than an all-over, single-process bleach job. Her new shoulder-length cut makes her hair look thicker and the layers stop it from lying flat.


The Clothes

Then: Cropped tops, track pants and trainers - she looked like she'd be more at home playing netball than strutting her stuff on stage.

Now: The cropped cardi revealing a hint of bra has a distinctly Posh Spice look about it. The schoolgirl skirt just screams Baby Spice. The tinted shades look like they were plucked right off the nose of her pal Mel G. As for the Miu Miu cowboy boots, they're living proof that some looks should stay on the catwalk.