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Media Archives


Magazine Articles

"Melanie's new look" June 23, 1999, Now READ --- (*Pictures available -- click here)

"Sporty Stuck" May 1999, Top of the Pops READ

"I was there at birth" April 2, 1999 OK! READ --- (*Pictures available -- click here)

"FIT!" February 1999, iD READ

"Select 100" January 1999, Select READ

"Sexy Spice" December 1998, Cosmopolitan READ --- (*Pictures Available -- click here)

"Love, and more" July 1998, Minx READ --- (*Pictures Available -- click here)

"World Cup Sporty" June 1998, Loaded READ --- (*Pictures Available -- click here)



Newspaper Articles

"Melanie to sing the Bond theme -- or not" March 21/23, 1999 People/Teletext READ

"I want him for Kop" March 6, 1999, The Sun READ (*with picture)

"Sporty's secret sis" January 6, 1999, Daily Star READ (*with picture)

"Boss Spice" October 30, 1998, Daily Star READ

"Sporty car" October 30, 1998, The Sun READ

"Melanie's new flat" October 27, 1998, The Sun READ

"If they could C me now" August 28, 1998, Daily Star READ

"Sporty's best kept secret" August 10, 1998, Daily Telegraph READ (*with picture)

"She's a real good sport" July 9, 1998, Evening Chronicle READ

"Geri's gone but not forgotten" June 21, 1998, Sunday Times READ

"I was Melanie's babysitter" April 8, 1998, The Sun READ

"New look for Sporty Spice" February 20, 1998, Daily Star READ (*with picture)

"Melanie reveals new glam look" December 17, 1997, The Sun READ