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Newspaper Article

Source: Daily Star

Date: October 30, 1998


Sporty Mel C has turned into Bossy Spice - after declaring: "I'm in charge." She's used "girl power" to bully Posh, Scary and Baby into accepting her as leader and manager. That's put her in charge of all the deals for records, concerts and promotions behind the Girls' £50 million fortune.

Scouser Mel, real name Melanie Chisholm, had no real competition after her strongest rival Ginger Spice - Geri Halliwell - quit the all-girl group. Especially with the likes of Victoria Adams and Mel B, both pregnant.

A source close to the band yesterday said: "Mel may have always been in the background but she's always kept an eye on things. She thinks now is the right time to take charge because Mel B and Victoria have other things on their minds. The band are definitely staying together so somebody has to organize things."

The multi-million pound selling band were successfully masterminded by Simon Fuller until the girls sacked him last year. Ex-Spice Geri then took unofficial control but caused friction among the girls before she quit the band last year.

Mel C has come a long way from her small terraced house in Cheshire. "She's definitely become THE Spice Girl now," said the source. "Baby Spice Emma will obviously be involved but Sporty has the personality and brains to succeed as manager."

The source added: "People under-estimated Mel C but, beneath it all, she's the most driven of the lot."