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About Melanie

This is some of the information I have come to know about Melanie through various interviews, magazines, newspapers, etc. All of the quotes are from Melanie herself unless otherwise indicated. Melanie is a beautiful person with extreme talent and a stunning voice. If you take the time to truly look at the person she is, you will see the greatness that she possesses.



Full name: Melanie Jayne Chisholm (last name pronounced "Chizz-um")

Birthdate: January 12, 1974 (Capricorn)

Birthplace: Liverpool, England -- Whiston Hospital, Merseyside

Home: Originally Rainhill, a suburb of Liverpool -- then Widnes, a few miles South

Currently resides: Both Liverpool & London (Liverpool will always be her true home)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 56 kg

Natural eye color: Hazel

Natural hair color: Dark brown (currently dyed blonde)

Schools: Southgates Infant School, Runcorn... Brookvale Junior School & Fairfield Junior School, Widnes... Fairfield County High School, Widnes... Doreen Bird Performing Arts College, Kent.

School nickname: Holland, "because it's flat like me"



Favorite song, from Spice: Who Do You Think You Are

Favorite song, from SpiceWorld: Too Much

Favorite song: "Song 2", by Blur

Favorite Spice Girls video: Say You'll Be There

Favorite video: "Vogue", by Madonna

Favorite artist of all time: Stevie Wonder

Favorite football team: Liverpool Reds (Melanie's passion!)

Favorite footballer: Steve McManaman

Favorite saying: "You'll never walk alone"

Favorite color: Red

Favorite TV show: "Brookside"

Favorite movie: "Toy Story" and "Pulp Fiction"

Favorite food: Chinese

Favorite cat food: Wiskas

Favorite animal: Giraffe

Favorite perfume: Angel

Favorite athlete: Linford Christie

Favorite athletic events: 100m hurdles, 200m & high jump



Mother: Joan O'Neill

Father: Allan Chisholm

Step-Father: Dennis

Step-Mother: Carol

Older brothers: Jad, Stuart

Younger brothers: Paul, Liam, and Declan

Step-sister: Emma Williams



Dream birthday present: Sharing the post-match bath with the Liverpool team... "I'd make sure I had something on though -- I'm not that type of girl."

She confesses: "The biggest lie I've told is that I'm good at football. I'm not, I'm pretty rubbish at it actually. Everyone assumes I'm good because I play but it isn't true."

What she misses about being on the road: "I miss the silly things like Heinz Baked Beans and just nipping down at Sainsburys."

On Oasis: "If Oasis are bigger than God, what does that make us? Bigger than Buddha? Because we're a darn sight bigger than Oasis."

Melanie's perfect man: "You won't get me on your side by asking me to a fancy restaurant or any of that sissy stuff. What would interest me is an invitation to a footy match." ... "I don't like macho guys. I love confident men who believe in themselves."

Boy pulling method: "I give him a shy glance then flex my bi-ceps. I'd chat him up with, 'I've got two tickets to a Liverpool football match, do you fancy coming?'" ...but... "I'm quite shy and I find it difficult approaching guys."

Are you a good kisser, Melanie?: "I think I probably was when I was getting a bit of practice, but I've probably gotten worse since. Anyone out there I can practice on?"

On romance: "It's difficult because I spend so much time working. I just haven't met Mr. Right yet"

On herself: "I'm very determined. I think I can be a bit annoying, but I'm glad I'm like that. I don't think I'm a great singer, but I love it and I think maybe people enjoy my singing because I enjoy it so much. Sometimes I feel like I'm a big of a spare part. I'm the one in the corner. But I'm the one the paparazzi doesn't follow. Touch wood." "I'm quite shy, really. I see my role in the group as something of a leader, but I leave the arguing up to Mel B and Geri. I know some people see me as the quiet one, but I can be a joker sometimes too."

On fame: "It sounds ungrateful but sometimes fame isn't that much fun. You're visiting these fantastic places and you'll be sat there moaning, 'I want to go home!'"

On the group: "We are what we are. We're not gonna change. We just take people by their vibe because that's all that matters."

The weirdest thing a fan ever did to meet her: "I go to a local gym where I live and a girl had flown all the way over from Germany just cause she read in a magazine that I went to this gym and she found me there! So that was quite strange... and mad!"



Idol: Madonna

Wanted to be when growing up: Famous

In March of 1994: 400+ women respond to an advertisement placed in "The Stage" -- a magazine geared toward stage & screen actors. After the auditions, Melanie, along with Mel B, Victoria and Geri were chosen to become part of a group originally entitled "Touch". The group later added a fifth member, Emma, and later became known as the Spice Girls.

Pre-world tour ritual: Sit in the corner and don't talk to anyone

First record she bought: "The Kids of Fame" album

Talent most desired: To be an excellent footballer, ideally a striker for Liverpool

Talent most despised: Not being able to lift heavier weights than the blokes

Likes being recognized at: Shops, because that's who she really is

Hates: Smoking

Shoe size: 6 (U.K)

Nickname in Spain: "The Bees Knees"

Idea of Heaven: Being in a training session with the LFC

Idea of Hell: Being from Manchester... "I wouldn't go there in the past simply because it was Manchester. I boycotted the city completely".

Used to work: In a chip-shop

Used to train with: The Rickmansworth Ladies FC, until the rest of the team became annoyed with the little kids screaming over Melanie.

Short Biography from "Real Life: Real Spice, The Official Story": Begins school at Southgates Infant School, Runcorn, moves to Brookvale Junior School and then Fairfield Junior School, Widnes. Attends dancing classes two evenings a week and all day Saturday, every week. After five years at Fairfield Country High School, she accepts a place at the Doreen Bird Performing Arts College, Kent where she spends the next three years.

Piercings: Nose stud/ring (left hand side), Right ear pierced up near the tip

Gold tooth: Upper left, 2nd incisor

Distinguishing Features: Pierced nose; Celtic chain tattoo around her right bicep; Oriental tattoo (Chinese characters for woman & strength, meaning Girl Power) on her right shoulder; Large Celtic cross tattoo on left bicep; "Angel" tattooed in a gentle arc across her belly; gold-tooth cap. Not to mention... a stunning voice.